Saturday, August 25, 2007


Some more love poems and other insights that life has revealed to me.

In all battles of life,
Be with a moral force.
With its power behind,
You will never lose
Hope of winning;
Bereft of it,
Fear of defeat
Will never,ever leave you.
Fear is often the first step of faith
Love is always the last;
Fear falls as faith rises
Love is when fear is no more.
There is nothing more to write
I have written all I could.
My mind refuses to think,
What is there left to brood?
A strange feeling envelops me
I'm so empty and yet so full.
Heavy eyes and tired brain
Repel even trivial matters,
I want to sleep but it doesn't come
I move through time in a daze.
I hate to work, I hate to talk
Questions I loathe to answer,
The answers are so many
And yet there's nothing to say.
Friends, peers and others
Ask me what is wrong,
I lie to say I am well
When I know, as you do,
Without you, I am going over...
Alone for months
Thinking of you,
WIth only a phone
To caress and soothe
With the voice
Of distant love.

Stubborn distance
Why don't you yield
And let us be
To stroke and feel
With the silence
Of close embrace?
You look beautiful
No more.
Where has gone
The face I love?

Those large, innocent eyes
Now scare me
With their consummate skill
Of glowing with love
To many a man
All at once.
Deep in them
The calculator whizzes;
A smile is beamed,
The voices softens
And many fall...

I look at you
Your eyes avert
They know I know.
Your lips look swollen,
Your teeth distorted
The smile a fake
As is the voice.

One fool
Will fall no more...
My destiny from God I snatched
And gave it to my love
She walked away with a shrug:
Who needed it anyway?

God and destiny laugh at me
As I stand alone without a path
I've begun to dig onto the earth
No further can I go.
The light of long dead stars
Crowds into my heart,
My dim flame it snuffs out
A black hole I too have become.