Friday, October 19, 2007


There seems to be absolutely no limit to the depths of falsehoods that Indian communists are willing to employ to convince the country that it should be wary of the hegemonic designs of the US. All this to ensure that India does not get the Nuclear Deal it has secured for itself after some real hard bargaining.

The latest in the series of blatant lies that any one other than Goebbles would hesitate to use, appears in the Hindustan Times of October 18, 2007, in the name of the suave, vocal and visible Left leader and Member of Indian Parliament, Sitaram Yechuri.

Yechuri starts by trying to mislead readers into believing in ‘the superiority of the socialist system in stretching the limits of human endeavor’. For this, he chooses the launch of the first satellite, Sputnik, into space by the erstwhile Soviet Union, in Oct. 1957. Then, he tries to project that this launch was done by the Soviets ‘for the benefit of humanity as a whole and for achieving higher levels of civilizational advance’. Further, Yechuri goes on to list a whole lot of important technological advances that followed, incidentally all by the ‘inferior’ capitalist systems, which he claims would have been impossible but for the socialist Sputnik!

All this is to get to the main point of ‘proving’ that the US was the only villain who used this socialist scientific achievement to start a mindless nuclear cold war in space! In support of this canard this we have another ‘Yechurian truth’ that the Americans already had Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), when Spuntnik was launched, while the Soviets did not.

The lies are so dumb and shocking that one does not even know where to start their exposure. Nevertheless, let us first take the achievement of Sputnik’s launch. Yechuri has cleverly concealed the fact that rockets were first developed by Nazi Germany during Second World War; the famous V2 rockets that were used against England. Germany had also launched Project Amerika to develop long range missiles that could hit the US, but the War ended at their testing stage.

Then again, Yechuri forgets to mention that German scientists were taken to the Soviet Union after the War to help it develop missiles capable of hitting the US, which they did. The Germans also flew the first jet planes in the world. Surely Mr. Yechuri, these achievements should, by your own admission, prove the superiority of the Nazi system, and not the socialist one!

The lies now get more sordid. The first ICBM was launched by, yes, the Soviets, not Americans, on August 27, 1957 and it covered 7000 kms. It was designed to carry a 2.9 MT warhead weighing 5.4 tons up to a maximum of 8600 kms. Yechuri’s Sputnik for the benefit of humanity was launched in Oct. 1957, from the same ICBM rocket, modified. The American ICBM, Atlas, appeared only on July 19, 1958! So who carried the nuclear arms race to space? The US, Mr. Yechuri?

This is the historical lie sheet that Yechuri has used to launch a frontal attack on the US for its ‘renewed aggression…to use space as a theater to display its military might and browbeat the world’. Yet another bundle of pathetic lies taken out of the JNU bag of the Left to oppose the hegemonic designs of the US. This bag is no different from the bag carried by the many communist states which finally had to dump it along with the discredited ideology with which had they fooled and used their own people for far too long.

Also note that Yechuri simply does not want Indians to know that Russians went all out to bolster their military might to make themselves as one of the two dominant, if not the most dominant, powers of the world. That was a necessary nationalist, not ideological, response to a security situation and their appreciation of the Soviet Union's global role as a nation. Ideology was not allowed to interfere with and weaken national strength at any stage.

China too is a socialist state which drew ideological inspiration from Russia. But Yechuri wants to keep completely quiet about the fact that this did not cause its leaders to sing false praises of the Soviet Union as second best ‘apists’, who were content to play second fiddle as a nation of weaklings to their ideological ‘masters’. In the 60s, they even engaged the Russians in military skirmishes over a disputed border. Then, without any loss of national focus, they went on to build a formidable strategic military capability in such an aggressive manner that it is only a matter of time before they go ahead of the Russians.

That is why China’s President now talks confidently of China’s larger role of ‘ensuring peace in the world’.

Why is it that everything that China has done, or is doing, can never sound like hegemony to our Left? Why is it that the way China has almost consumed Tibet, befriended Pakistan, given training and support to Indian insurgents, made serous inroads into Myanmar, kept alive the border dispute with this country, and developed nuclear weapons and ICBMs, just does not trouble the Left of India?

What is the reason for this treason, I cannot call it anything else, by Indian communists? What compulsion makes men like Yechuri sound alarm bells hanging on filthy falsehoods whenever India takes even a small step to realize its true strategic station of near parity with China? With the Soviet Union gone, who else can India turn to achieve its goal but the US? Why does the Left forget that even when the Soviet Union was there, China did not hesitate to engage with the US, now its largest trading partner, in the furtherance of its supreme national interest?

Mr. Yechuri, you cannot indefinitely continue to con the nation into believing that your humiliating subservience to some countries and your aggressive stance detrimental to the interests of your own country has been, and is only because of an ideology which even they have discarded. Even real apes have more self respect.

Ronnen Sen was wrong. We are not being stalled by headless chickens. What the nation is facing is a serious attack by the most deadly strain of ideological bird flu, deviously camouflaged and smuggled into this country, by men whose very national identity is open to question.

Can India afford to allow itself to be harmed by such 'men'?