Saturday, December 8, 2007


“Communal forces are bent on establishing that Ram built a bridge across the sea…Ram is a mythological character… A large number of Muslim traders, big and small, have fled Gujarat”.

These words of West Bengal Chief Minister on December 06, 2007, are the latest in a series of acts of blatantly communal ‘atonements’ to ensure that the CPI(M) gets its Muslim vote bank back after its cadre went on a killing spree in Muslim majority Nandigram in November. The resultant violent backlash in Kolkata by an obscure Muslim fundamentalist organisation has made the CM quite shamelessly play communal politics of the worst kind.

Buddhadev’s first communal atonement was the overnight banishment of fugitive Bangladesh author Taslima Nasreen from the state, as demanded by a few Muslim fundamentalists. The next was his ‘regret’ for his earlier ‘tit for tat’ statement in support of the murders CPI(M) goons instigated by him had committed in Nandigram. And now this shedding of tears for Muslims in Gujarat, hyphenated with an assault on almost the very foundation of Hindu religion.

If Ram is fictional, then the Dasavatars of Vishnu and indeed Vishnu Himself are fictional. If Vishnu is a mythological character, then, if anyone in the CPI(M) has read at least the Durga Saptashati, Durga, the presiding deity of the Hindus of Bengal, is even more fictional, as is Kali.

In other words, the Chief Minister of West Bengal is telling all the Hindus of his state, indeed the world, that they are a bunch of brainless idiots who are engaged in the worship of false and fictional Gods. Chaitanya Mahaprabu, Ramakrishna Parmahansa, Swami Vivekananda and all other spiritual leaders of Bengal, were also, if the CM's logic is correct, nothing but communalists bent on falsely establishing the many miraculous acts of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including Durga and the avatars of Vishnu.

Even fundamentalists of other religions whose believe this to be true about religions other than their own would not have dared to make such an incendiary statement publicly.

If this is not communalism and blasphemy of the worst kind, then nothing is.

Buddhadev cannot hide himself behind the shelter of Tagore to justify his blasphemous words. Many scriptures and people have said many unpleasant things about other religions. Will Buddhadev, for example, dare ever to speak about Muslims quoting Swami Vivekananda, or about Jesus Christ citing the Holy Quran?

After the CPI(M) cadres had let loose their rein of terror in Nandigram, I had written highlighting the shocking fact that communists had globally killed more people in the last century than were killed in all the wars combined. Nandigram was no aberration to that totally intolerant and vicious violence that the communist ideology had given rise to everywhere.

Unfortunately for the new ‘Stalin’ of West Bengal, power is not absolute here and staying in power means having to get votes. That realization has generated the next set of disgraceful actions, the latest being this naked and shameless frontal assault on the faith and belief of a billion people of this country.

It is time for the proud intellectuals of West Bengal to recognize that the communists of their state are actually communalists who have caused incalculable damage to the state, which was once a leading state of the country on almost all parameters. They would also do well to realise that in their eagerness to appear liberal and tolerant, the people of Bengal have so far perhaps erred in guiltily associating communalism with the majority community alone.

The actions of the Communalist Party of India (Marxist) and its deceptively smiling leader in the recent past have exposed one more dangerous side of atheist communists, not seen elsewhere in the world. No society which prides itself on its intellectual prowess and boasts of a galaxy of literary and social-reformer giants can afford to let itself be ruled by such a despicable lot of tyrants who do not think twice before jumping into bed with religious fundamentalists and insulting their own culture and religion shamelessly.

It is time the people of Bengal threw these communalists out from their state.