Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The coincidence is eerie. Two houses, one in NOIDA and the other in Gurgaon are in the limelight for very disturbing activities involving the use of knives on human bodies in a clandestine and criminal manner.

One year back, just as 2006 was drawing to a close, the police discovered perhaps the most horrific case of rape, murder and even cannibalization of dozens of very young boys and girls in house number D-5, Sector 31, NOIDA. Most of the victims were from poor families of village Nithari which is located right behind that now infamous house of corpses. They were lured unsuspectingly into the house by the domestic help, Surendar Kohli, who after raping them would dismember their bodies with kitchen knives, put them in polyethylene bags and throw them either in the drain in front of the house or in an unused area behind it. The owner of the house, Moninder Pandher, living alone, used to get call girls to the house and has recently been charged with the murder of at least one of them. The villagers, however, are convinced that he too was involved in the ghoulish killings but is being let off the hook because he has paid off even the CBI, just as he had paid NOIDA police earlier to look the other way for over a year.

On January 24, 2008, the police busted a kidney transplant racket running from a house with the very same number in DLF Phase 1 colony in Gurgaon. The racket, operated by a gang of several doctors, had been running for seven years from the basement of the house which had all the facilities of a hospital. The gang would lure poor labourers from UP and Bihar and would pay them Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh for removing their kidneys. In some cases, the kidneys would even be removed without their knowledge!

These kidneys would be transplanted to wealthy clients, mostly foreigners, who were charged Rs 15 to 20 lakhs for each kidney. At least 500 kidneys had been traded illegally till the racket was unearthed, not by Gurgaon police but by UP police on the complaint of a victim who was not satisfied with the amount paid to him! According to some of the employees nabbed from the house, local police officers used to visit the mastermind Dr Amit Kumar regularly, just as it used to happen in D-5, NOIDA. Is it any surprise, therefore, that Amit Kumar was tipped off about the raid and managed to escape? He has reportedly even fled the country as newer and more sensational revelations are emerging everyday, including the fact that this Dr Horror had been arrested four times earlier in different parts of the country.

When the Nithari killings surfaced, UP was being ruled by the Samajwadi Party. Some media luminaries with clear political affiliations had then focused on “the political dimension” of the case and tried to pin down the state government, the local MLA and the MP representing the constituency, while glossing over the systemic failure of the police which actually needed to be addressed. This time, Haryana is ruled by the Congress. There is, understandably, no effort to blame any local politician, even though the racket had been openly flourishing for seven years; cannot be, after being awarded by the Congress government at the Centre!

I had thought that by now numerologists would have come up with some explanations about the reasons behind the criminal activities bearing many similarities in two houses with identical numbers! It is surprising that no one has yet brought out how the number of the house might be an important element in understanding what has been going on.The number starts with a ‘D’. Coincidently, as per the Chaldean, Pythagorean and Indian systems, ‘D’ has a numeric value of 4 which, as per Indian numerology, is ruled by the shadowy planetary node Rahu. ‘5’ is ruled by Mercury and the total of D-5 comes to 9 which is ruled by Mars. Is it this specific combination of these three planets which has led to the use of knives on human bodies? Is it because of this combination that the activities have been criminal in nature, involving deceit and unfeeling cruelty? For all you know, in the Gurgaon house too, some poor labourers may have been killed to get both their kidneys. Sanjay B. Jumaani, are you listening?

I wonder if any of you reading this post anywhere in the world is aware of similar activities which have been carried out in a house bearing this number, at any point of time. Do take the trouble of sharing your knowledge. May be something startling may emerge. Perhaps that may help prevent some more crimes if, and that is a big one but worth examining, there is a definite correlation between numbers and crimes.

Do look around for at least one house with the number D-5. The effort might turn out to be worth a lot more than you think.