Monday, April 7, 2008


Can you identify these two gentlemen bearing an uncanny resemblance to each other?

They are probably the twins who had got separated in a village fair many years ago, in true filmy fashion!

One grew up to be the President of a country and had everything going for him, even if "Ma" was not with him, Deewar style. Then one day, when all seemed to be going well, he arrogantly got into a prickly Bush which made his life very difficult indeed. Even as he emerged badly bruised, bleeding and humbled, he fell into one more Bush which looked less harmful but whose thorns turned out to be more poisonous than the fangs of a King Cobra.

The other had "Ma" with him and was content growing up as a humble farmer and small time leader. But, almost like his late separated twin had got into a Bush, he fell into a "Maya jaal", with the cacophonous support of his farmer followers. But as we all know, Maya by its very definition is illusory and plays strange tricks on the minds of men. He also found that out pretty quickly and had to acknowledge and bend to the power of Maya, 'chamaar' or whatever!

Even as he now rests nursing his gaping wounds, one wonders whether like his late twin, he too will fall again into another trap that the all powerful Maya that governs and deludes us all will be surely laying for him!

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!