Sunday, May 4, 2008


Is this not an unbelievable photograph? A bike parked in, yes, 1985 in Kerala, India. It has stood there for an amazing 23 years. And has virtually been swallowed by the tree. The owner is still in Saudi Arabia!

Somehow, the photograph which I received through email, reminds of what happened to the Indian economy during the socialism instigated, not inspired, Licence Permit Raj when Indian politicians and bureacrats, in a pincer movement quite like the one by the tree above, shackled, stalled, robbed and suffocated the Indian economy almost to death! That is what happens to both nations and individuals when they allow the control of their lives and destinies to pass into parasitic hands which use them unsparingly to pursue their own agendas!

To some, of course, it will appear that the bike is safe and secure in the arms of the tree. No danger of theft or damage as no reckless driver can drive it off a cliff! Stagnation has its advantages you see, they will say, and ask for compensation too for keeping the machine in their unyielding grasp. So what if they stole all its fuel and rendered it virtually useless in the process, even as others were zipping past in newer, stronger and faster bikes!