Thursday, February 19, 2009


One had heard that blogging can be very addictive. But this? Sleeping with the laptop has become part of the lifestyle of a lot of bloggers. But shitting with it? May be this is the best place and time to reply to comments that don't smell right or post similar ones in other blogs of the same variety. May be the thunder box does bring out the best creative energies in some people, as many claim. Or is there a kernel of truth in the view of some people who believe that the content of many blogs suggests that they could not have been written anywhere except in the bogs? Is a lot of blogging in real danger of being called 'bogging'?

What do you think? Are you too a blogger who can be called a 'bogger', at least part-time?

P.S. Maybe the poor lady is just trying to finish an assignment that she had forgotten all about!

Picture source: Mango Fun. Now that is a BLOG.