Wednesday, April 15, 2009


India Retold is 300 posts old already. This post is one past that landmark. Time to say a big 'Thank You' to all of you whose support, both silent and vocal, has made this possible. The journey so far has been remarkable and extremely satisfying. Like many others who express their views in the blogosphere, when I started this journey I had absolutely no idea that I would be at it, 20 months later, as keen and enthusiastic as ever.

Thanks to the active participation of those of you who comment here and/or interact with me separately, my motivation to keep writing has not flagged. I have also been immensely encouraged by those who have been returning here repeatedly, even though they have not commented. Their visits speak loudly enough.

Of course I did - and still do - go through patches where I did not feel like writing anything at all, even stopping it altogether. But, then suddenly something would happen or I would read something somewhere that re-ignited that spark, without which writing would have become a dull chore and the output mechanical. I hope that spark stays here.

Thanks are also due to Blogger for providing this excellent platform to this dummy. Without it India Retold would perhaps have not even taken birth.