Friday, May 1, 2009


Low voter turnout notwithstanding, election fever is peaking. Three phases of election have already been completed. On May 13, the fifth and final round of polling will be over and three days later the results will be declared. And then, if neither the NDA or UPA gets the numbers required to touch or be reasonably close to the half-way mark, the "fun" will begin.

Opinion polls, opinions without polls, bookie estimates, sixth sense, common sense, astrological calculations, parrot cards, tarot cards etc are all being used to predict how various parties are going to fare. Readers of this blog have been voicing their opinions on the opinions of pollsters and experts who have been attempting to gauge the mood of the people of India. Some of you clearly have very good insights about the direction of the wind. And some of you have the analytical ability to pinpoint where the pollsters and predictors have made errors, deliberately or inadvertently.

Perhaps it is only fitting that you predict what you think is going to be the score.

On the side bar, you will find two polls, one for the Congress and one for the BJP. All you have to do is cast your vote about the number of seats that they are likely to get. The range starts from 100-120 and goes on to 161-180. In my opinion, both parties will get between a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 180 seats, and the government will be formed around one of them.

So, go ahead and vote. Along with the vote, do comment below about your prediction, making it even more specific if you wish to in numbers, giving the reasons for your assessment. When the results are declared, the predictions closest to the actual results of the Congress and BJP, along with the justification thereof in the comments section, will be published in a post.

Let the world know how well you understand the electoral battle that is on now in the heat and dust of an Indian summer. Cast your vote now!

PS. I am open to the idea of a putting up a guest post here should any of you do a comprehensive analysis and give a detailed state wise prediction of seats to the Congress, BJP and more if you wish. So go ahead and write a post and mail it to me. Hurry, just a few days are left!
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