Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What do you see in this picture? There is tree, a bike and a few plants in the background. Which one of these do you think represents the BJP of today?

If you ask the troika of Advani, Rajnath and Jaitley, they will, no prizes for guessing, tell you that the tree is the BJP. And the bike? Oh! that is the once mighty Congress that the BJP has got hold of, notwithstanding the recent defeat which is nothing more than an aberration. And the plants? They are the Laloos, Mulayams and Karats of the world watching the two big boys as they grapple it out.

What will Jaswant and Shourie say? Of course the bike is the BJP! And the troika is the tree that has strangulated the party and left it helpless and without any hope, even though it is in great shape. No matter how hard dedicated workers and other leaders work to keep it gleaming, tanked up and raring to go, all that it can do is make a lot of noise standing where it is, and wear its tyres out without moving forward an inch. The troika's grip is unrelenting and will eventually prove to be fatal.

No wonder Arun Shourie is recalling what Mao said decades ago: bombard the headquarters. That is the only way to get rid of the top leadership. The bike can't move till the tree is cut. From the roots. When he says that the BJP is a Kati Patang, I believe it indeed is. But without a Rajesh Khanna and with plenty of Prem Chopras. Look at the picture again.

Can you see how they have pinned her? Or do you see a different picture?

Watch Arun Shourie's "Walk the Talk" NDTV video with Shekhar Gupta where he says all this and more.

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