Sunday, November 22, 2009


The surname Gilani must have a strong karmic connection with India.

Syed Ali Gilani is the one separatist Kashmiri leader who has been steadfastly saying that Jammu and Kashmir is Pakistan since ethnic Kashmiris are Muslims. Even though 'moderate' separatist leaders have 'toned down' their demand to 'Azadi' (Independence) - do overlook the latest statement of the Mirwaiz that China is also a stakeholder - Gilani refuses to budge. He in fact has gone to the extent of justifying Pakistan's policy of infiltrating terrorists into India by asking, "Why did India send its troops to East Pakistan to support the movement there?" Needless to add, he represents the 'basic issue' that India does not want to acknowledge, as it attempts, yet again, to find a resolution to the Kashmir problem, without knowing how and without any understanding of the dynamics that will be set in motion if any concession is given to Pakistan. A country that mindlessly created a problem in 1948 and then foolishly allowed it and Gilani to become bigger and bigger over 63 years, can scarcely be expected to get proactive overnight and find a thought-out "solution" that is in India's best long term interest.

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani is the present Prime Minister of Pakistan. He blew hot and cold after at least 10 terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008. Initially, not only did he deny that the terrorists were Pakistanis, his government even went to the extent of calling them Hindu-Zionists who were planted by India to spoil the 'pak' name of peace-loving Pakistan. It was only when the paternity and village of Ajmal Kasab could no longer be hidden, did the reluctant admission come, thanks primarily to Uncle Sam. But that culpability did not deter Gilani from making hawkish noises, particularly about Kashmir. In fact, just eight months after 26/11, he ambushed an unsuspecting Dr Manmohan Singh and got him to admit in writing that, effectively, India was sponsoring terror in Baluchistan and other parts of Pakistan. If that was not enough, not only has he allowed the masterminds of 26/11 to roam free, he and his government are now accusing India of supporting the Taliban in Pakistan, and pressuring it to solve Kashmir, undoubtedly in Pakistan's favour. This Gilani is the face of the Pakistani establishment that has never been able accept, among many other things, the reality of Pakistan's size and live in peace with a bigger, secular India.

Syed Daood Gilani is much in the news now, as David Coleman Headley, the name he adopted in 2006 to escape suspicion for his frequent trips to India, Pakistan and elsewhere on chilling terror missions. Son of a Pakistani diplomat father and an American mother, he went to a military school in Pakistan, before moving to the US. He was in India just before 26/11 and in Pakistan when the attack took place, fuelling speculation that he was deeply involved in that terror attack. The US says that some elements in the ISI could be linked to him and that it will soon confirm whether he had any connection with 26/11. Gilani had also been travelling freely to different parts of India, reportedly to find recruits for the Indian Mujahideen and to set up sleeper terror cells. According to some reports, he was even given a satellite phone by an official of the Pakistan consulate to enable him to make calls to Pakistan without being detected. Our useless intelligence agencies, working overtime to prove that there was no involvement of locals in 26/11, would never have got wind of his activities had the FBI not homed on to him. The scale of his involvement in terror activities is still unfolding. Five serving and retired Pakistan army officers have already been arrested for their links with him. Much more is expected to follow in the coming days and months. This Gilani represents the brainwashed aam admi, the foot soldier who executes Pakistan's policy of using Islamic terror, jihad, as an integral instrument of the state.

In many ways, this 'Gilani, Gilani & Gilani Corporation' exemplifies what Pakistan was, is, and is likely to remain, particularly with respect to India. There may be moderate voices in Pakistan, especially in the media. But the harsh truth is that those who conceptualised and moulded Pakistan, and are now running it, metaphorically belong to the dangerous 3G corporation. This is something that India needs to get firmly into its head. Unless that is done, we will keep getting ambushed during parleys and wasting away the blood of thousands of sons of India, by losing on the negotiating table what they have been repeatedly protecting and gaining with their valour and sacrifice.

Hang on. Is it a mere coincidence that India has, perhaps, an even deeper karmic connection with another surname beginning with 'G'?

Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Family Gandhi are all intimately linked with, and have shaped, the destiny of India. The first Gandhi led India to Independence and Partition. The second Gandhi broke Pakistan in two. Rajiv Gandhi reportedly frittered away a golden opportunity to cut Pakistan to size for good in 1987, enabling it to launch its ongoing proxy war against India in 1989. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are now in the saddle. Are they going to complete the task that Indira and Rajiv left unfinished? Or are they going to commit the blunder that Indira Gandhi did in Shimla in 1972, and wind up creating an even more dangerous situation for India in the long run?

Funny isn't it that both Gilani and Gandhi have six alphabets each and sound pretty similar too? India has been effected in the extreme by the 'G' effect of both. One will have to give way. The former cannot win unless the latter chooses to lose to it in a fit, or fits, of the same naive large-heartedness that led to the downfall of Prithviraj Chauhan. One can only hope that the Gandhis of Delhi do not make the same mistake again. But with an Italian connection, you never know...