Friday, April 2, 2010


I will not be blogging for some time. At this point of time, I cannot say when this break will get over. There are other pressing commitments that need my undivided attention and time.

Have been writing here since August 2007 and this is the 436th post. The experience has been rewarding and enriching in a manner I had never even dreamed of when I discovered the wonderful, exciting world of blogging.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who have spent time to read all that I have been writing and to those who have added soul to the contents with their often illuminating comments from which I have learned a lot. Without your support, India Retold would not have been what it is.

The blog stays, at least for now, for those who wish to read something about India from a 'different' perspective based on my limited experience and understanding of this vast and mysterious country that many claim to know but that does not reveal itself so easily to anyone. The only thing I wish to say to those who choose to open other pages here is that whatever they find there has been written with an honesty that has not been corrupted either by money or ideology or pressure from any quarter.