Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Shashi Tharoor is hitting the headlines again. Just over a month back, I had written a post about how, despite landing in trouble repeatedly due to his tweets, he had emerged victorious, "with not a scar on his pretty face much like Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavy weight boxer, who, they said, 'floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee', and was invincible at his peak." At that time, an old song, "Muhammad Ali, the black superman," had wormed into my head. Suddenly, its lyrics started changing to fit the story of Shashi Tharoor who had begun to look more and more like a Mallu (Malyaali) superman who was constantly taunting, daring, teasing others to "catch me if you can", and "Interlocutor Shashi - the Mallu Superman" emerged.

The Mallu Superman has, alas, fallen. And he has no one to blame but his own arrogance and what appears to be his avarice and tearing hurry to get into the 'bad' world of glamour, cricket and big bucks by getting for his lady love, Sunanda Pushkar, an undilutable and perpetually increasing sweat equity worth an initial Rs 70 crores, in a new IPL team for Kochi that Tharoor wanted the world to believe he 'mentored' due to his love for Kerala and not Sunanda or manna. But IPL Chairman Lalit Modi proved too smart for him and it took no more than one tweet from him to fell Tharoor, who has lost his job as Minister of State for External Affairs for starters, while Sunanda has 'voluntarily' surrendered her "sweetheart" equity. Those interested may read my previous post for more details.

The dramatic sudden and dramatic transformation of 'Interlocutor Shashi - Mallu Superman' into 'Mentor Shashi - Mallu Suckerman' has made me re-write the lyrics I had written earlier.

The You Tube video of the original song has also been embedded below. Read the lyrics as you listen to the song.

This here's the story of Shashi Tharoor
Who changed his name to Mentor Shashi
He knew how to talk and he knew how to tweet
And all the opponents he always did beat

Sing Mentor, Mentor Shashi
He talked out of turn and he couldn't help but tweet
Mentor, the Mallu superman
Who called to that Modi guy I'm Shashi, catch me if you can

Now all you Kerala fans, you've got to agree
There got to be flies on Mentor Shashi
He batted to net Sue free 70 crores
And everyone got what they asked for!

Mentor is known to have said
Lalit take my call and I'll 'Kochi' your head
He yapped like the Mallu superman
And called to the IPL guy I'm Shashi, beat me if you can

He said I'm the greatest India's ever seen
The mentoring champion who came back again
But my tricks were so juvenile just one tweet did mar
Which proves I'm no king of mentoring by far

Sing Mentor, Mentor Shashi
He stole out of turn and he couldn't help but bleat
Mentor, the Mallu suckerman
Who cried to Manmohan guy I'm Shashi, keep me if you can