Saturday, April 14, 2012


(Hafiz Saeed's song for India)

Embrace us, do, we will hug you too,
To make you forget what we remember;
Many tiny cuts we will evermore inflict,
To bleed you dry and then dismember.

Every weapon on to bring you down,
Great we won’t let you again become;
A mongoose and a snake's enmity this,
No mercy or respite till you succumb.

At war we are, you pretend it is peace,
You talk to prolong it, we parry to win;
We will not tire, our belly is afire,
Nor will we rest till you kneel, give in.

No cost is too high, no blood too much,
Time doesn’t daunt us, nor a lethal blow;
You fight to not finish but make peace quick,
For us there’s no peace till we slay you low.

Relentless Ghori felled foolish Chauhan,
When he won at last, it was their last battle;
Forgiving is a virtue, forgetting can be fatal,
We remember this truth, you revel in prattle.

A thousand years’ war, eating nothing but grass,
Is not a psycho’s boast, or a coward’s threat;
Each defeat’s ebb builds a tide of revenge,
On one we will hit home, you always forget.

Irrational for you is God’s way for us,
Kafir you won’t get it, such a soft mindset;
This is no game that can end in a draw,
Jihad is never over till victory is met.

Embrace us, eunuchs, we will reciprocate;
Cowardly pleas will help us speed you to your fate.