Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Bureaucracy is designed to enable extraordinary individuals to achieve ordinary results.


Letting off steam is never the answer, for more steam is soon generated. Repression of it is worse, for it invariably lead to a blow-out or a blow-in, the latter being worse. The sensible way is to harness the steam and convert it into a cool, placid pool of reason, balance and love, through the channels of patience, tolerance and understanding. Shun the poisonous syndrome of expectation –frustration – resentment, for this generates most of the steam we can do well without.



Both action and escape represent movement,
An attempt to change the present position.

Both action and escape are born out of
Discontentment with the present situation


Action is positive movement to grow,
Escape is negative movement to avoid.

Action is leaving something for something,
Escape is simply leaving something.

Action is going to,
Escape is getting away from.

Action may actually get you away from,
Escape could leave you where you are.

Action can lead to transformation,
Escape carries the seeds of regression.

Any team should ideally consist of members of roughly equal ability. If a member’s ability stands out, the team needs to either accept him as a leader or, if that is not possible, protect and nurture him, giving him the extra that he deserves. Otherwise, it would be better if he left the team because, as a consequence of his presence, the team will become a breeding ground for dysfunctional conflict, and its performance will at best be sub-optimal and at worst disastrous, depending mainly on how the leader manages the team.