Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Is it just another meaningless coincidence?

In an earlier post, ‘OSAMA AND OBAMA: SAUL AND PAUL’, I had highlighted the many similarities between Osama and Obama, both of whom are creating history. Depending on which side of the seemingly unbridgeable divide you are, metaphorically one of them is Paul, and the other Saul.

The war that Obama will have to fight against Osama, should he become the Supreme Commander of US Armed Forces on January 20, 2009, is not going to be easy. Already, he has identified that the focus of the US has to be on Afghanistan and not on the quagmire in Iraq where the mindless ‘Bush Push’ has led to needless loss of lives and a huge financial drain without achieving anything at all. In fact with Saddam Hussein gone, the only secular state in the middle of the increasingly fundamentalist Muslim world has become another hotbed of Al Qaida activity.

Osama has miraculously evaded and survived all attempts of the only super power of the world to capture or kill him.

Was it by sheer chance that Bush got Dick, or was it also a coincidence of significance? With Dick, Bush probably began to fancy himself as the invincible Rambo. But, Dick was old and in virtual retirement before he was suddenly called up for duty. No wonder Bush with Dick failed to perform and deliver when and where it mattered!

For seven long years, Bush has looked inside, over and under many a 'bush’(coincidence?) without any luck. The 'bush fires' that he started to smoke out and decimate his foes have all but gone out of control, both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama, on the other hand, has spoken with clarity about the importance of hunting down Osama and the Al Qaida elements in Afghanistan and elsewhere. He has also made it clear that if need be, US forces will go into Pakistan, where Osama and others are holed up, and from where they are directing operations in Afghanistan. Simultanoeusly, he has detailed his determination to pull out of Iraq in a definite time-frame and concentrate all resources to normalise the situation in Afghanistan.

Is Obama’s picking of Biden as running mate a fateful decision which will together see them getting the better of Osama at last? Obama - Osama; Obama and Biden - Osama bin Laden. Not only do both these combinations sound eerily similar, the total number of alphabets in both are also identical!

In 1993, James Redfield wrote ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ in which he used a mythical Peruvian manuscript to help people gain profound insights into the mysterious coincidences and synchronicities that lead us to a particular destiny. Redfield had also predicted that a massive transformation in human society would take place in the last decades of the 20th century.

Are these coincidences meaningless or is there a real reason for them, as Redfield believes? Is it also a meaningless coincidence that more than 20 million copies of his novel have been sold across the world?

Are the two wars in Iraq and the rise of the Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden an important part of the massive transformation under way in the world?

Have Obama and Biden been mysteriously driven together to play a significant role in this transformation?

Does this combination remind some of you of Christ and anti-Christ?

Are you beginning to get the goose pimples?

Or am I reading too much in too little?

We will begin to find out in November 2008. Wait.
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