Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yes we have all heard and watched Barak Obama magically mesmerise not just Americans but people all over the world with his integrity, intelligence, wit and a clean, positive energy, the likes of which have perhaps never been seen by Americans ever. If Kennedy was charismatic, Obama is divinely magnetic.

This post is not about Barak. It is about Michelle, his wife and the mother of two lovely daughters. She has been in the firing line for some controversial statements made earlier. Yesterday, at the Democratic convention in Denver, she spoke to America again.

Listen to her. Hear her words carefully. The clarity of her thoughts, her compassion and the honest respect that she has for her husband will come through like the breath of fresh air that not just the US but the whole world is gasping for.

Michelle completes Barak and makes him twice the man he is. And she does all this without in any way diminishing her own self. On the contrary, she emerges as a confident individual and as effective and persuasive a speaker as her husband is.

America has never had a first family like the Obamas. If Barak Obama does get to the White House, he and Michelle will set new standards of grace, dignity, character and charisma that will be hard to emulate. If soul mates do exist in this world, as many believe, then Michelle and Barak are the perfect proof that they do.

Indian political leaders, couples, kids, the yet to be married, and even those want to remain single, need to listen to Michelle Obama, the wife, the mother and possibly the next First Lady of the United States of America. There is so much that many of us can, and should, learn from her and her husband.

Here she is.

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