Thursday, November 27, 2008


Non-Hindu terror has returned. With a vengeance. For more than a month, one solitary blast on a motorcycle in Malegaon had seen the media and secular politicians go berserk about the danger that India faced from 'Hindu terror' or 'Saffron terror' just because for the first time after decades of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, a few Hindus were arrested for that one blast. With shameless dishonesty and in pursuance of a blatant political agenda masquerading as 'secularism', most media luminaries were trying their ugly best to lull the country into believing that Islamic terrorism that the whole world is talking of is just a myth and that the country faced a danger only from the BJP.

That disgraceful buffon from Bihar who never stops talking of secularism, Laloo Yadav, India's Railway Minister, has in fact, been openly calling LK Advani a terrorist. Just as he was openly moving around accompanied by an Osama Bin Laden look-alike during the elections in Bihar to get Muslim votes. India's politicians have always displayed with sickening regularity that for them everything is saleable as long as it gets them power. But during the last one month, almost all leading media luminaries have also shamed themselves and their profession in a manner that will put even politicians to shame.

In the beginning of the year, when terrorists attacked a CRPF headquarters in UP, the first ever time outside Kashmir, they had given an ominous warning about their growing confidence and roots in the rest of India. But , no one was interested. Why? Because they were more worried about losing Muslim votes and thereby losing power.

Today, Islamic terrorists have struck Mumbai with an audacity and daring and scale exceeding they have shown even in Kashmir. A number of groups of heavily armed terrorists have entered Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, The Taj Hotel and Oberoi Hotel, and have fired indiscriminately, killing and injuring a number of people. Worse, they have not fired and run. They are still there, firing and waiting to take the police on. The lobby of Oberoi Hotel has been set on fire. A petrol pump in Colaba has just been blown up, as this is being typed. Dadar station has been evacuated. An explosive laden taxi has been blown up in Ville Parle. Two terrorists have entered GT Hospital.
They are exchanging fire with police near Metro cinema. Some terrorists have even commandeered a police jeep and are moving around in it firing indiscriminately. Incidents of blasts/ firing/lobbying of hand grenades have been reported from at least nine places. And the number is only increasing even at this hour past midnight. Live firing can still be heard on TV. It is 12:31 AM.

One motorcycle blast in Malegaon by a couple of misguided Hindus and the entire media and government machinery went into overdrive to discredit almost the whole Hindu society. It is clear that they thought that this response of theirs would melt the hearts of Islamic terrorists and prevent them from carrying out further attacks, out of gratitude and to 'help' them all in proving that the only danger that India faced was from the Sangh Parivar. The general idea was that Islamic terrorists would become their allies to defeat the BJP in the next elections.

Today's unprecedented attack, details of which are still coming in, should shock all patriotic Indians and shake the conscience of men of dishonour and disgraceful dishonesty. Patriotic Indians will wake up, no doubt, though it may take some more ghastly attacks to shake them awake. But the collaborators and thereby protectors and promoters of Pakistan sponsored terror are not men and women who will change on their own. If India has to win its war on terror, it has to first defeat this lot of traitors who are tragically occupying centre stage and successfully conning their own country men and bleeding the country to death.

UPDATE: 2:33 AM.
1. Deccan Mujahideen claims responsibility for terror attack
2. Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare, DIG Ashok Kamte, Inspector Vijay Salaskar killed by terrorists.
3. 80 killed 250 injured.
4. Army called out and surrounds Taj and Oberoi Hotels. Commandos enter Oberoi.
5. Four dead bodies taken out of Oberoi Hotel..terrorists?
6. Six blasts in Taj Hotel

1. More than 100 people still held hostage in Taj Hotel, five in Oberoi Hotel, and an indeterminate number in Nariman House. No demands made by terrorists.
2. Hostage situation in Cama Hospital apparently over.
3. NSG commandos trying to kill/neutralise terrorists in the these three places.
5. Death toll crosses 100
6. Five terrorists killed
7. At least 26 terrorists involved in India's biggest terror attack.
8. Terrorists came in from sea by speed boats. One explosive laden boat found.
9. Taj hotel in flames again.

UPDATE 12 Noon
1. Rajdeep Sardesai has made an appearance at last and is talking to The British High Commisioner. He is showing great concern about England's cricket tour, safety of British citizens and the possibility of co-operation between the two countries in tackling "URBAN TERROR".
2. Terrorists apparently came from Karachi, Pakistan in speed boats.
3. Death toll up to 100.
4. Terrorists who are holding hostages are communicating on satellite phones.
5. More dead bodies coming out of Taj hotel. More ambulances arrive.
6. Terrorists have made a demand finally. The want certain 'political' prisoners released. Shades of IC 814?
7. Barkha Dutt has spoken the about the possibility of Pakistan again becoming the 'fall guy when things like these happen'. Her sympathies and love for Pakistan are exceeded only by her intense hatred for the 'Hindu right'.

1. Terrorists still holed up in both wings of Oberoi Hotel, the new one known as Trident, the Taj Hotel and Nariman House.
2. Unknown number still held hostage in Oberoi and Nariman House. No hostage situation in Taj.
3. Army and NSG commandos proceeding slowly, room by room in both hotels.
4. 21st blast heard in Taj. Firing still being intermittently exchanged,
5. One bag recovered in an operation earlier by Naval commandos includes lots of rounds of AK47, hand grenades, stun grenades, magazines taped together, almonds and credit cards. Terrorists are clearly preparing to hold out for long,to death.
6. Earlier reports of demands made by terrorist false.
7. Preparations being made for final assault.
8. More ambulances called, in readiness for more casualties once assault is launched.
9. 8 kg RDX recovered from in front of Taj and 10 kg from behind, near Bade Mian restaurant.
10. Fire is raging in two places in Taj hotel.

1. Terror email received from Deccan Mujahideen. Warns of more attacks. Wants India to 'return' Muslim states. Says will take avenge the killings of Muslims by Hindus in 1947.
2. Two ships. Al Kabir and MV Alpha, which may have transported terrorists from Karachi to Mumbai, detained off Gujarat coast. Ships may have been hijacked. Same methodology was adopted for 1993 Mumbai blasts.
3. A Pakistani cell phone recovered from terrorists. Calls from Pakistan coming on this phone.
4. Siege continues at all three locations.
5. Hundreds rescued.
6. Wife and two kids of GM Taj Hotel killed.
7. Death toll rises to 125, likely to rise further after siege ends.
8. PM, Sonia and Advani in Mumbai.
9. Suhel Seth says on Times Now that the media has extensively covered and taken serious note of these attacks because five star hotels are involved.
10. Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, on CNN-IBN, want the nation to believe that this attack is an Al Qaida attack to target US citizens and Israelis. They seem to have a peculiar motivation to remain in denial about the naked fact that this is an unprecedented attack on the Indian nation.


India under attack: time to act, not talk

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