Monday, November 24, 2008


The Great Indian Obama Hunt has begun in right earnest. Although every one knows that there is no Indian Obama anywhere on the political horizon, it has not deterred many of us from looking for a desi version in every corner of the country.

But forget Obama. Someone has already found India's Osama and its very own Al Qaida.

Sample this: "The only difference between Osama and Pragya is that the former is unlikely to contest an election in the future." As far this gentleman is concerned, democracy has become dangerous now, just because Sadhvi Pragya is certain to win if she fights. "If charges against Sadhvi Pragya Singh have yet to be proved in a court of law, even Osama has yet not been indicted by any court of law anywhere in the world; just as Osama hides in the impregnable mountains of Afghanistan, Pragya hides behind the the fig leaf of the democratic 'will of the people'". For him, courts are meaningless and democracy is acceptable only if people he approves are elected; if not, people's mandate is flawed.

If Sadhvi Pragya is India's Osama, is it difficult to pinpoint India's Al Qaida? SIMI? That is a secular outfit, stupid. LeT/HUJI? They are not Indian and there is no 'proof' that they have ever done anything wrong. According to this gentleman, India's Al Qaida is actually the BJP and its Sangh Parivar. It even draws inspiration from the likes of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda who according to him "encouraged and promoted the idea of retaliatory violence" in the name of Hindu nationalism. That makes them terrorists too. Hindu terror is not new at all!

All the these sick distortions and worse have not been plucked out of some obscure fundamentalist or extremist literature 'seized' by India's discredited police in a fake raid on a 'Muslim' terrorist hideout. These occupy the the pride of place in the Hindustan Times of November 24, 2008 and are there for the whole world to see. One Jyotirmoy Sharma, a professor of Political Science at the University of Hyderabad, is the author of this editorial in the paper. Considering the venom that this gentleman has spewed, he needs truckloads of flowers and Munnabhai in attendance for a long, long time. Unless, of course, this column is a literary 'supari'.

One does not know whether some others have also accepted similar 'suparis'. But this column, read in conjunction with the headline that the same paper carried only a day earlier, does raise serious doubts. "There is a bit of India in every Pakistani..." screamed the bold front page headline, quoting Pakistan President Zardari speaking at the HT summit. The way this and other statements of Zardari about shared bloodlines, the possibility of doing away with passports, and the promise of "no-first-nuclear-strike" was lapped up and applauded by the the usual suspects is amazing! No one wanted to even whisper that the he was clearly not a President in the know; he was a President who did not know. Memories of Kargil and Pakistan's proxy war that has claimed thousands of Indian lives were completely forgotten by a gushing intelligentsia and the media who want to keep lulling the country into believing that Pakistan has nothing but the good of India in its breakaway Islamic heart.

It was only a couple of days back that I written about how thankful some of our 'intellectuals', political analysts and secular political parties were for the involvement of Hindus in the Malegaon blast, their first ever after decades of Pakistan sponsored terrorism. I had then thought that better sense would prevail and this nonsense would stop soon. But, it is clear that I was wrong. Just one blast was all that they all had been waiting for since forever so that they could start yelling about about 'Hindu terror' non-stop till their own ear drums burst.

I had long back stopped reacting to Vir Sanghvi's columns in the Hindustan Times. I intend to continue exercising that restraint, having said enough already. But, I must point to you his column on Hindu terror in the Hindustan Times of November 23, 2008, the same day that the Zardari headline appeared. If you have been reading him regularly, you will find it difficult to fully go through the familiar construction in furtherance of a barely unconcealed political agenda. If you are new to him, keep all your faculties fully alive to spot his clever little tricks.

Read also the editorial in the same paper of November 24, 2008 and you will not fail to miss the motivated agenda in action again. Considering the sort of venom that they have all being spewing for the last month or so, a stranger to India will not be wrong in concluding that the BJP is the most hated political party in India and the Congress is going to be back with a bang after the next elections.

If these gentlemen and a few more like them are to be believed, Pakistan is India's best friend and the Sangh parivar its worst enemy; the ISI is secular, as Mulayam Yadav has always said, and the VHP seditious; India faces grave danger from Hindu terror after just one blast while Islamic terrorism that the whole world is talking about and that has claimed thousands of lives is a myth promoted by the India's Hindu Al Qaida.

Zardari says that there that there is a bit of India in every Pakistani. His 'secular' Indian friends say that those who talk of Hindutva are India's Al Qaida. If that is true, there is a very simple solution to all the dangers that the sub continent faces from Hindu terror. Let Pakistan get all of India - that is what Pakistanis really want in any case. And banish all members of the Hindu Al Qaida and those who support it to the impregnable mountains of Afghanistan where the original Osama is hiding, to establish their Hindu rashtra there if they can. After this is accomplished, secularism will no longer be in danger in India. It can't be in danger after it ceases to exist, can it?

Once Pakistan's and the SIMI's objective of establishing an Islamic state in the whole of India is thus achieved without any bloodshed, peace will prevail and Zardari will become the President of the Islamic Republic of India. And when the next HT summit is held in the new Islamic republic, the the Sanghvis, Sharmas and Thapars of the old, secular India will still be found applauding him. But via satellite from London/New York. Unless they take on new names!

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