Saturday, April 18, 2009


If there is one Indian who has made the worst type of "hate speeches" and used all kinds of falsehoods to inflame Muslims against Hindus, and that too for years, it is the so-called social activist Teesta Setalvad. Yet despite all the venom that she has been spewing in a voice that seems to come from the grated gut of a bitter person who has never known love, she has been the darling of India's mainstream media and like-minded "secularists".

For her ceaseless efforts to fraudulently portray Hindus at large as cold-blooded rapists and murderers, Teesta has been praised, feted, quoted and admired by the rootless variety of Indians who are ever ready to pounce at the smallest of incidents that show Hindus to be the most intolerant and communal minded of all communities in India. Indeed, if one were to believe this lot which has a vice-like grip over the media, secularism survives in India only because of the unending sacrifices and unbreakable secular beliefs of Muslims and other religious minorities; given even a sliver of a chance, Hindus will make the Taliban look like angels.

Look at the awards this secular brigade and a grateful Congress government have heaped on Teesta:
  • Padma Shri
  • M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award from the Vigil India Movement.
  • Parliamentarians for Global Action 'Defender of Democracy' award, jointly with Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
  • The Nuernberg Human Rights Award
  • The Nani A Palkhivala Award
Teesta, much like the violent river she is named after, might well have continued on her path of hate and falsehood and been awarded the Padma Bhushan next, had the SIT led by former CBI Director RK Raghavan not exposed the fact that she cooked up tales of macabre and wanton killings, tutored and threatened false witnesses and levelled false charges against Police Chief Pandey.

Remember that horrifying and unbelievable story about a mob gang raping a pregnant Muslim woman, Kausar Banu, and then gouging out her foetus with sharp weapons? That is an example of the utterly sick level to which Teesta descended in her campaign of brutal, unforgiving hate for which recourse to falsehood was not something that shamed her at all.

I am not able to determine whether it is Ms Setalvad who has done more harm to the nation with her sustained and bitter vitriol or it is the secular media which is responsible, first for promoting her campaign ad nauseum most irresponsibly because she spoke their secular language of hate and now by virtually shielding her from the public fury and wrath that she deserves.

Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving Pakistani terrorist responsible for the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack was supposed to be the trump card that India had to expose Pakistan's hand in the blasts. Remember that thick dossier that India sent to Pakistan as "proof" based on his confessional statement? Remember Narendra Modi bringing out that when, thanks to the doing away of POTA, his confessional statement was not admissible as evidence even in India, how was Pakistan expected to accept it as nothing but the truth? Remember how everyone has been shouting that he should be give a "fair" trial and saying that it was an open and shut case that would be over in six months?

Kasab has killed many people in full glare of CCTV cameras in the only "secular" nation in the world where he can get away lightly. Not only is he going to get a "fair" trial, he is not going to convicted in a hurry, if at all. For all you know, he might even be released in a hostage situation, like we saw in the the case of the kidnapping of Rubiya Sayed and the Kandahar hijack. Although he is a foreign national who has waged war on India, he is being tried by a benign Indian judicial system designed to give him many years to live as a VIP prisoner.

SG Abbas Kazmi, the lawyer appointed to defend Ajmal, made it clear on the very first day of the trial that this is not a case which is going to get over in a hurry, all the evidence against him notwithstanding. First, he pleaded that Kasab was under 17 and, therefore should be tried by a juvenile court. When the court rejected that argument on the basis of the statement given by Kasab where he had said that he was 21 years old, Kazmi retracted that confession saying that it was made under duress. Kazmi is in no mood to "co-operate" with the prosecution to ensure that justice is done swiftly in this most straightforward and horrifying of cases that had the whole nation enraged. A protracted legal battle is certain.

What is Pakistan going to do now? It will throw Kasab's statement into the Arabian Sea and stop further investigation because this statement is not only not evidence under India law but has been denied by Kasab himself. There is more. Don’t be surprised if Pakistan sends across some proof that Kasab is 17 indeed. His mother may even come down to Mumbai and give such a statement. The way things are shaping in this case which Ram Jethmalani had boasted would be over in five minutes, Ajmal Kasab will probably never be hanged.

Is this what we call a "fair" trial when on the very first day of the trial it is beginning to look that he actually might get away despite all the evidence against him? Why is there no TV studio outrage at a defence lawyer for whom shameless use of utter falsehoods to protect the murderer of innocent Indians takes precedence over truth and the pain of the entire nation? Is Kazmi interested in justice or is he more than keen to help the foreign killer of many Indians get away by using unfair means? Where is his conscience as a citizen of India?

Will there be calls for re-introduction of the clause to include confessions made before a police officer as evidence? Will there be a demand for trying foreign nationals who wage war against India by a military or similar court expeditiously? You know the answer. What, in fact, is most likely to happen is that the secular media is soon going to start hounding the government for being unduly harsh on a delicate young boy who was led astray by the LeT that exploited his poverty. Human Rights activists will soon be made to appear on every TV channel to complain about the violation of Kasab's human rights and lecture India on how it needs to treat him fairly as a civilised nation. Similar views of "secular" Indian citizens will also be aired, to make the whole nation feel as if it is the real sinner harassing an innocent kid.

Cut to Varun Gandhi about whom I have written in detail in a few other posts. What is the verdict of the secular brigade in his case? He is guilty and "must not be allowed to get away". In fact he is so dangerous that he must be locked up under the draconian NSA which has not been used even to put behind bars terrorists-without-religion and their abettors responsible for killing faceless, expendable Indians. He says the CDs of his speech are doctored; of course he is lying. Why has he not proved that they are? Why should we even bother to ask those who did the sting to prove that their CDs are authentic, or take the trouble to do it ourselves? They appear to us to be authentic; we have seen and heard them. Nothing more is needed to pronounce him guilty and extremely dangerous for the secular fabric of this nation. A court decision will take years to come. We canot wait till then. Justice has to be administered instantly in this case which is even more water tight than Ajmal's. Varun must not be allowed to make political speeches and even contest elections. His guilt has already been established.

Why should a greenhorn politician like Varun Gandhi be declared guilty without trial? He has spoken "against" Muslims; that is just not acceptable. You are a secular hero only if you make hate speeches and do worse against Hindus, not for them. He has done the exact opposite, so what if it is only in one unverified speech. His is an unpardonable crime for which he deserves no mercy, no sympathy. Jail is the only place for him. Straightaway. In the secular India of our dreams, there is no place for communal politicians or parties who ask for the "Hindu" vote. We accept only secular parties who ask for the Muslim vote and/or those who ask for the vote of Hindus not as a whole but in fragments like Yadavs, Dalits, Reddys, Vokkaligas etc

Why should a dangerous hate-driven, communal monster like Teesta Setalvad be loaded with awards? This champion of secularism had no choice but to cook up ghastly incidents and tell all sorts of horrendous lies. That was the only way she could drive home the "truth" that Modi is a mass murderer and Hindus are cold-hearted barbarians who hate and kill peace-loving Muslims for no reason at all. She has done great service to the cause of a secular India. She is the great protector of helpless minorities. Forget punishment or condemnation, she, in fact, deserves many more awards.

Why should a Pakistani terrorist like Ajmal who killed scores of people in cold blood, be allowed to dishonestly exploit the big gaps in India's lax legal system? India must be seen as being "fair" to its Muslims; it should not appear to them that Kasab is being disadvantaged in any manner because he is a Muslim. So what if he is a Pakistani? He is a Muslim first. Secular India cannot be seen to be treating any Muslim with even the whiff of vendetta. That is why we did notask for a ban on SIMI, till it started indulging in violence. We know that it has been saying since 1977 that it does not believe in secularism or democracy, is waiting for another Ghaznavi and wants to establish the rule of Islam in India. You can't put people from the minority community into jail only because they say that their aim is to turn the whole of secular India into a theocratic Pakistan.
Teesta, Ajmal and Varun. All of them are experiencing the might of India's very powerful secular and "liberal" activists who are completely and ruthlessly intolerant of any view that clashes with theirs. While Teesta and Ajmal are basking in their support, Varun is being singed by their fury. Teesta Setalvad is their ugly, dishonest, hate-filled face; Ajmal is the poster boy who they will use to show to the world how "fair" India is to its minorities who are reeling under the imaginary oppression of Hindus. Varun, a Gandhi, is the unexpected red rag who can ruin their party. They are not going to allow him or anyone else to do that. Come what may. Even if in the process, truth and morality have to be sacrificed with a cold, "Teesta"ease that can send shudders down your spine.
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